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Greenwashing - wherefrom
10 Days

Greenwashing - wherefrom - 10 Days


Title of Piece: Greenwashing
Brand: wherefrom
Production Company: 10 Days
Director(s): Daniel Liakh
Producer(s): Mia Xerri
Agency: 10 Days
Client: wherefrom
Director of Photography: Mark J. Blackman
Production Design: Sadie French
Creative Director: Jolyon White
Visual Effects: Chris Lince
Sound Design: Dominic White
Instagram Tag: @nomadisssmo @wherefrom_uk
Short Synopsis: With the help of the mad minds from 10 Days, the crowd-sourced sustainability rating platform wherefrom has copyrighted over 100 greenwashing taglines to stop companies from greenwashing you. These were then turned into one of a kind anti-greenwashing song that rightfully deserved the most greenwashed musical ad of all time...

Indulge. And if you know any companies using any lines from the song, please let guys at wherefrom know. Because they will sue them.

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