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Renault - The Feeling - Renault

Renault - The Feeling - Renault - Phantasm


Title of Piece: Renault - The Feeling
Brand: Renault
Production Company: Phantasm
Director(s): Philippe Tempelman
Producer(s): Noé Baruchel Dominati
Agency: Publicis
Client: Renault
Director of Photography: Kasper Tuxen
Production Design: César Martinez Edo
Editor: Peter Brandt
Creative Director: Marcelo Vergara
Copywriter: Kevin Salembier
Colour Grading: Oskar Larsson
Sound Design: Mattias Eklund
Instagram Tag: @philippetempelman @noe.baruchel.dominati @julien_floutard @fannymetzger @kaspertuxen @vanessajalbert @nicolashurez @kevinsalembier @frenchconnection_tv @nightshiftcompany @peterbrandtdk @giraud4478 @tintpost @ioskar
Short Synopsis: In line with its previous campaigns (E-Tech range, Tribute To Alpine, Renew...) based on the "Proust's madeleines" of the brand with the diamond (emblematic models, slogan and legendary music: cars to live, John and Mary), Renault is rolling out a new television campaign signed by Publicis dedicated to its after-sales service Renault Services, which becomes Renault Care Service. Overconsumption and programmed obsolescence have become major concerns for consumers, who are increasingly turning to brands that advocate sustainability. Through its after-sales service, Renault enables its customers to enjoy their vehicles for longer, which is reflected in the new signature: "Long live cars", which coexists with the brand's historical claim "Who better than Renault to maintain your Renault? To support this strong message, the film directed by Philippe Tempelman (Phantasm) features the legendary Renault Fuego Turbo. Capturing the attention of young and old alike, the gleaming forty-something car crosses the city like a sweet memory of untouched beauty, reinforced by the title "La plus belle pour aller danser" (The most beautiful car to dance in) performed by Chris Garneau. A cinematic film with a polished production style that stands out from the codes of after-sales communications by playing on emotion to highlight the expertise and know-how of Renault's after-sales service. Arnaud Belloni, CMO Renault: "In line with the last Renault campaigns, this new film, full of emotion, capitalizes on the human side and the passion of our profession. It features the Renault Fuego, THE mythical and emblematic vehicle of Renault in the 1980s, while underlining our commitment, our primary mission and our pride in being able to make cars live longer thanks to the care and professionalism we bring to our customers with our after-sales service."
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