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Memoirs of a Freezer
Try Hard Films

Memoirs of a Freezer - - Try Hard Films


Title of Piece: Memoirs of a Freezer
Production Company: Try Hard Films
Director(s): Theo Krekis
Producer(s): Sorcha Bacon
Short Synopsis: A personified disgruntled freezer recalls his past owners and their eating habits.

I made Freezer during lockdown 2021. I wanted to make a companion piece to my previous short MEMOIRS OF A GEEZA which follows the same form in terms of a semi-rhyming narration. My eating habits were all over the shop during lockdown and I started to think about how much you can tell about a person based on their eating habits. And what great insight a freezer would have if it were passed around different homes and so Freezer was born! Because of the limitations of lockdown I decided to change the medium I used in GEEZA (super8) and use still photography from my own childhood, google license free images and things I could stage in my own kitchen. I directed Ed Rowe who does the voice of Freezer over Zoom and the rest was history!
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