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Frankie - BaconX - Coop JPG
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Frankie - Coop

Frankie - Coop - BaconX


Title of Piece: Frankie
Brand: Coop
Production Company: BaconX
Director(s): Martin Werner
Producer(s): Steffi Beck
Agency: Jung von Matt Limmat
Client: Coop
Director of Photography: Jan Mettler
Editor: Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt
Creative Director: Jan Tvilling
Visual Effects: BaconX
Colour Grading: BaconX
Animation: BaconX
Music Composer: Fred Hermann
Instagram Tag: @baconx_studio
Extra Credit 1: VFX Lead Artist: Jan Tvilling
Short Synopsis: The brief for the production was to create a fully realistic and charming CG character.

We created a lovely story about a young wild boar having a great day at a Naturaplan farm.
Extra Credit 2: VFX Lead Artist: Ditte Marie Ludvigsen
Extra Credit 3: VFX Lead Artist: Gabriela Popov
Extra Credit 4: VFX Lead Artist: Thomas Hass
Extra Credit 5: VFX Lead Artist: Mario Maruska
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