DENIM - Rekorder - S. Oliver JPG
DENIM - Rekorder - S. Oliver JPG
DENIM - Rekorder - S. Oliver JPG
DENIM - Rekorder - S. Oliver VIMEO 30s

DENIM - S. Oliver

DENIM - S. Oliver - Rekorder


Title of Piece: DENIM
Brand: S. Oliver
Production Company: Rekorder
Director(s): Vivien Weyrauch & Fabian Röttger - A Nice Idea Studio
Producer(s): EP: Marino Coates-Chitty @marino.coateschitty Producer: Till Gerstenberger @_tilltilling_ Creative Producer: Konstantin Nerger PA: Sophia Kuestenmacher @stopfei, Nico Wiedfeld @nico_ngw
Agency: Wynken Blynken & Nod
Client: S. Oliver
Director of Photography: Moritz Matlik @moritzmatlik
Editor: Sebastian Stoffels
Copywriter: Niclas Kienert
Instagram Tag: @aniceideastudio @S.Oliver @wynkenblynkenandnod
Extra Credit 1: Photographer: Ruben Riermeier @rubenriermeier
Short Synopsis: This is DENIM 👖 ☁️ the first of a series of films we've produced for @S.Oliver x @wynkenblynkenandnod

Directed by the remarkable Berlin-based duo of directors - @aniceideastudio - this first film manifest the importance of great "everyday jeans”. Simple and beautiful, we shot on 16mm analog film that helped create a truly intimate story rather than just another fashion statement.

Thanks to the most supportive team and crew that helped us nail this demanding project! 🎯
Extra Credit 2: Art Director: Eugenio Perazzo @eugenio_perazzo
Extra Credit 3: Photo Producer Sophia Kuestenmacher @stopfei
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