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The North Face SS22 - The North Face

The North Face SS22 - The North Face - C41


Title of Piece: The North Face SS22
Brand: The North Face
Production Company: C41
Director(s): Leone
Producer(s): Beatrice Lebrun
Client: The North Face
Director of Photography: Karim Andreotti
Editor: Margherita Freyrie
Creative Director: L+ L
Colour Grading: Daniel Pallucca
Instagram Tag:⁣ @thenorthface @leonedirector @luca.caizzi @ingalavarini⁣ @carlo_banfi91 @karimmmmx @Margherita Freyrie @zaltieriaurora
Extra Credit 1: Creative: Inga Lavarini
Short Synopsis: Fueled by the desire to never stop exploring, The North Face SS22 takes us on a journey into another dimension. Produced by C41 and directed by Leone, the campaign celebrates the brand’s timeless NSE collection by crafting a new world in which time and space are of no consequence. Surreal landscapes and unknown portals shape this uncharted territory, inviting us to wander, free our minds and uncover our own personal stories in a world where exploration knows no limits.

The North Face SS22 plays with the ideas of opposites - man and woman, night and day, sun and moon. As the two characters embark on their own individual journey, they seek one another to continue together on their path. A couple in real life, they were cast for their futuristic and complementary aesthetic, as well as for their undeniable chemistry. The idea of opposites is further explored with the inclusion of portals scattered across the landscape; symbolic entrances granting access to new adventures, they are also mirrors to reflect on our past experiences.

The campaign stands as an homage to the heritage of the brand, while focusing on the high-tech elements of the garments and the materials used. In fact, The North Face’s latest collection brings the past and future together by integrating new technologies in its design and reinterpreting iconic graphics from previous collections.

Shot in the otherworldly landscapes of Lanzarote to a sound composed by MassiveMusic Berlin, The North Face SS22 moves away from the documentary-style approach of previous campaigns to embrace a more digital and contemporary, fictional format.
Extra Credit 2: Production manager: Marco Agnesi
Extra Credit 3: Photographer: Carlo Banfi
Extra Credit 4: Stylist: Aurora Zaltieri
Extra Credit 5: Photo Editor: Carlo Banfi
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