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Ray-Ban - You're On - Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban - You're On - Ray-Ban - C41


Title of Piece: Ray-Ban - You're On
Brand: Ray-Ban
Production Company: C41
Director(s): Iacopo Carapelli
Producer(s): Barbara Guieu
Director of Photography: Karim Andreotti
Production Design: Dominique Aizpurua
Editor: Giulia Peruzzotti
Creative Director: Elmar De Jong, Marco Flaviani, Alessandro Monestiroli
Colour Grading: Daniel Pallucca
Music Composer: Massive Music
Instagram Tag: @iacopocarapelli @karimmmmx @chez_dominique @smitthy @giuliaperuzzotti_editor @massivemusic @daniel.pallucca
Extra Credit 1: Stylist: Giulia Revolo
Short Synopsis: Ray-Ban - You’re On is the latest global campaign for Ray-Ban directed by Iacopo Carapelli and produced by C41. In line with “You’re On”, the brand’s core message launched in 2020, the campaign encourages us to live in the moment and embrace the most authentic version of ourselves. With Ray-Ban - You’re On, we challenge the perception that as a species we have become static and complacent - happy to follow orders without daring to question them. A tribute to how unique each one of us is, the campaign inspires us to break free, speak up and not be afraid to show our true colours.
Extra Credit 2: Make-up: Jonathan Sanchez
Extra Credit 3: Casting: Giulia Smith
Extra Credit 4: Post-production: Paola Boioli
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