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My Awe Sustains
Hest Agentur

My Awe Sustains - - Hest Agentur

Official Selection

Title of Piece: My Awe Sustains
Production Company: Hest Agentur
Director(s): Pernille Sandberg
Producer(s): Ole Henrik Dyrseth
Agency: Hest Agentur
Client: ARY
Director of Photography: Kristian Paulsen
Production Design: Pernille Sandberg
Editor: Kristian Paulsen
Creative Director: Pernille Sandberg
Script: Pernille Sandberg
Copywriter: Pernille Sandberg
Visual Effects: Herwig Scherabon
Animation: Herwig Scherabon
Costume Design: ARY
Music Composer: ARY
Sound Design: ARY
Props Stylist: Pernille Sandberg
Instagram Tag: @pernille_sandberg @ary.forevig @herwigscherabon @hestagentur
Extra Credit 1: MUAH: Tonje Akselsen
Short Synopsis: Bridging the remnants of the glorious dream of industrial utopia and the exquisite horror of the Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland’s masterpieces, the film explores the mind illuminated - and the human capability of altering our perception of sense into the absurd.
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