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Thank You - TAKT

Thank You - TAKT - Bacon


Title of Piece: Thank You
Brand: TAKT
Production Company: Bacon
Director(s): Bine Bach
Producer(s): Oliver Kornberg Sand
Agency: -
Client: TAKT
Director of Photography: Jonas Blond
Production Design: Rikke Tvilum
Editor: Jasmin Falk-Jensen
Visual Effects: Kai Hauswirth / BaconX
Music Composer: Mads Bergland
Sound Design: Mads Bergland
Props Stylist: Frederikke Jermiin
Instagram Tag: @binbagdamngood @baconproduction
Extra Credit 1: Colorist: Hannibal Lang / BaconX
Short Synopsis: It is proven that younger generations are more willing to change their everyday lives in the name of sustainability. Therefore, they deserve a thank you.
Extra Credit 2: Executive Producer: Mette Jermiin
Extra Credit 3: Post Producer: Louise Ryge
Extra Credit 4: Production Manager: Nana Rothenborg
Extra Credit 5: Gaffer: Jens Lund / Gaffers
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