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Not Just One Day - Stamma
Acid News

Not Just One Day - Stamma - Acid News


Title of Piece: Not Just One Day
Brand: Stamma
Production Company: Acid News
Director(s): Daniel Liakh
Producer(s): Joseph Walker
Agency: VMLY&R / Acid News
Client: Jane Powell
Director of Photography: Daniel Boulton
Production Design: Josh Croston
Creative Director: Adam Noel
Visual Effects: POD LDN
Music Composer: Tock
Sound Design: Alex Wilson-Thame
Instagram Tag: @nomadisssmo @stammer #nodiversitywithoutdisfluency
Extra Credit 1: Chief Creative Officer: Laurent Simon
Short Synopsis: ‘Not Just One Day’ follows the stammering inner monologue of someone jaded by online petitions. As we follow the ludicrous and impossible things petitions have tried to change, everything seems hopeless. However, our voice comes to see that pessimism isn’t all petitions are good for.

By admitting the truth we all feel about petitions and showing how mad or impossible some of them can be, we can actually get more people to sign them; showing what STAMMA are asking for isn’t impossible in comparison. By signing the petition STAMMA aims to get more stammering voices represented in the media.
Extra Credit 2: Senior Marketing Manager: Billi Hatfield
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