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Ain't no lucky bastard - Urban Classics

Ain't no lucky bastard - Urban Classics - STORIES2TELL


Title of Piece: Ain't no lucky bastard
Brand: Urban Classics
Production Company: STORIES2TELL
Director(s): Viktor Heinz
Producer(s): Viktor Heinz, Julian Jammoul
Client: TB International GmbH
Director of Photography: Severin Strauss
Editor: Marvin Kühner
Creative Director: Wyron Abrajano
Copywriter: Wyron Abrajano
Visual Effects: Richard Rilinger
Animation: Richard Rilinger
Costume Design: Mei Bunthiang
Music Composer: Justus Großkreutz
Sound Design: Justus Großkreutz
Instagram Tag: @viktor_viai @severin_strauss
Extra Credit 1: Gaffer: Marvin Hillebrand
Short Synopsis: Our story empowers those who create their own fortune and don’t wait for luck to happen. Those who endure the strong winds and struggle and meet destiny eye to eye.

Our story is like a personal documentary showing bits of pieces of the life of our protagonist. In each scene we see just how lucky he is in life. Having his own freedom, a girl and his squad. But these scenes are always contradicted by showing how our
protagonist always takes the initiative. Whether steering the wheel of his car, taking care of his friends or approaching his girl.

It becomes evident, that he is someone who doesn’t wait but creates his chances. Because this story is not about some lucky bastard, but about the architects of their own fortune.
Extra Credit 2: Best Boy: Dylan Cottrell
Extra Credit 3: 1st AC: Johannes Suntrup
Extra Credit 4: Service Production: Alventio Audiovisual
Extra Credit 5: Production Assistant: Nomi Bonken
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