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Love is All - Cartier

Love is All - Cartier - Colors

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Love is All
Brand: Cartier
Production Company: Colors
Director(s): Charlotte Wales
Producer(s): Julie Mathieu- Moreau & Jules Dieng
Agency: Publicis Luxe
Client: Cartier
Director of Photography: Daniel Landin
Production Design: Renaud Deschamps
Editor: Mathematic
Creative Director: Antoine Bonodot
Costume Design: Camille Bwaddington & Barbara Baumel
Music Composer: Thomas Anduze
Instagram Tag: @colors @charlottemwales @cartier
Short Synopsis: This is a holiday celebration Cartier style, playful and elegant, spontaneous and chic, crafted and fun. The booming boxes open up to reveal endless surprises and moments of connection. The song’s infectious joy breaks through the boxes to see our egeries do what we all dream of doing: coming together!
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