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Della Cavalleria - Hermès

Della Cavalleria - Hermès - Colors


Title of Piece: Della Cavalleria
Brand: Hermès
Production Company: Colors
Director(s): Charlotte Wales
Producer(s): Julie Mathieu- Moreau & Jules Dieng
Agency: Lane & Associate
Client: Hermès
Director of Photography: Maximilian Pittner
Production Design: Magdi Varga
Editor: Everest Studio
Creative Director: Sophie Toporkoff
Costume Design: Charlotte Collet
Music Composer: Andrew Mc Donnell
Instagram Tag: @colors @charlottemwales @hermes
Extra Credit 1: Role : Christa Theret
Short Synopsis: The destiny of a magical bag that gives its holder a tenfold power. Carefully guarded by an evil queen, it augurs disastrous consequences for the future of an entire region.
Extra Credit 2: Role : Alla Kostromichova
Extra Credit 3: Role : Grace Musase
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