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b1n0 feat Ferran Palau JPG
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b1n0 feat Ferran Palau "BUM BUM" - b1n0
Japonica Films

b1n0 feat Ferran Palau


Title of Piece: b1n0 feat Ferran Palau "BUM BUM"
Brand: b1n0
Production Company: Japonica Films
Director(s): Frank Lucas & Anna Cornudella
Producer(s): Gerard Rodríguez & Pol Cornudella
Agency: -
Client: Hidden Track Records & Foehn Records
Director of Photography: Lali Rubio
Production Design: Gerard Rodríguez
Editor: Carlos Hernández
Creative Director: Alexandra Jordana & Sara Oliva
Script: Frank Lucas & Anna Cornudella
Visual Effects: Lio Estivill
Costume Design: Marta Pallisera
Instagram Tag: @___franklucas___ @japonicafilms @cornulove
Short Synopsis: BUM BUM is a music video about mourning. A mental portrait in which it becomes impossible to define the limits of reality. An approach and exploration of the pain that introduces us to a universe of strangeness and unease.

"A ghost: a guest + a host" Marcel Duchamp, 1953
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