Loving too much, too less - - - JPG
Loving too much, too less - - - JPG

Loving too much, too less

Loving too much, too less - - -


Title of Piece: Loving too much, too less
Production Company: -
Director(s): Carolina Romillo Marín
Producer(s): Carolina Romillo Marín
Client: -
Director of Photography: Helena Barrero
Editor: Maria Besora, Laura Garcia, Carolina Romillo
Creative Director: Carolina Romillo Marín
Script: Carolina Romillo Marín
Music Composer: Kiko Faxas, Carolina Romillo
Sound Design: Francelli Cabrera
Short Synopsis: "Loving too much, too less" is a visual poem that features a dancer who just got out of a failed relatonship. During the duel, he remembers and idealizes his past, trying to understand and manage his emotions, seeking some kind of satisfaction that could fill a great internal void; but nothing seems to satisfy. An ode to love, excesses and desperation to find something real, a right way to love.
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