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Room With a View - MJZ, Sourdoreille Production - MOV 4m:27s

Room With a View
MJZ, Sourdoreille Production

Room With a View - - MJZ, Sourdoreille Production


Title of Piece: Room With a View
Production Company: MJZ, Sourdoreille Production
Director(s): (LA)HORDE
Producer(s): Eriks Krumins, David Zander, Sami Battikh, Ronan Le Borgne, Mario Raulin
Agency: InFiné Records
Client: Rone
Director of Photography: Alex Lamarque
Production Design: Julien Peissel
Editor: Edouard Mailaender
Creative Director: (LA)HORDE
Animation: Boris Ramonguilhem
Costume Design: Salomé Poloudenny
Music Composer: Rone
Short Synopsis: Room With A View is conceived as a magnetic storm, hurricane, inside the Théâtre Châtelet. Violently torn from her armchair, a theater spectator is propelled to the center of the stage, which appears to be the eye of the destructive hurricane. Rone, the musical artist, watches the bodies whirl around, mirroring the whirling of the storm. As the hurricane rages on, Rone rushes towards the emergency exit backstage, but is thwarted when everyone rushes after him and he disappears beneath the bodies. An amoeba-type body as the emergency exit door opens to the outside, with the destructive storm seemingly sweeping away all the remnants of a dying world, taking them through all the places of the theater – but to mirror what was then-happening with COVID, shows a theater frozen in time with digitized silhouettes of waiting dancers – until a new horizon opens up to them.
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