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Perfect World - Nestlé

Perfect World - Nestlé - Landia

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Title of Piece: Perfect World
Brand: Nestlé
Production Company: Landia
Director(s): Rodrigo Saavedra
Producer(s): Carolina Dantas, Sebastian Hall
Agency: GUT São Paulo
Client: Nestlé
Director of Photography: Mariano Monti
Production Design: Muriel Rañi
Editor: Tiago Gil
Creative Director: Linus Oura, Tiago Abreu
Visual Effects: Mosh Post
Costume Design: Allan Fernandes
Music Composer: LOUD+ team
Sound Design: LOUD+ team
Props Stylist: Mary Mello
Short Synopsis: A group of teenagers is hanging out in a park sharing a bar of Nestlé classic. One of the girls in the group however is so caught up taking selfies that she completely ignores her friend offering her a piece of chocolate. As a result she is sucked into her phone, almost as if she had take one selfie too many. What then unveils a strange ride through the a physical representation of the internet. As our girl tries to navigate this world we understand that this world, portrayed many times as perfect is not so that perfect after all.
Extra Credit 1: Executive Creative Director: Bruno Brux
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