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Stereo - Rikas
Studio 11:40

Stereo - Rikas - Studio 11:40


Title of Piece: Stereo
Brand: Rikas
Production Company: Studio 11:40
Director(s): Aladin Mekanović
Producer(s): Ronja Prinz
Client: Columbia Records
Director of Photography: Diara Sow
Production Design: Jung&Dynamisch
Editor: Andreas Meichsner
Script: Aladin Mekanovic
Costume Design: Clara Dimanski
Short Synopsis: In Stereo, Rikas are seemingly brought by a girl, taken back to her house and made pride of place in the living room, before the whole family start to lightly bop to the beat of their performance in an understated - and slightly absurd - manner. 
Things get weirder from there, as Rikas are tossed around by the desires of the family, before the whole thing is revealed to be a vision, and the girl instead decides to buy the more famous band, Von Wegen Lisbeth. 
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