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Festive - Burberry
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Festive - Burberry - Riff Raff Films


Title of Piece: Festive
Brand: Burberry
Production Company: Riff Raff Films
Director(s): MEGAFORCE
Producer(s): Cara Gillies, Matthew Fone, Nick Goldsmith, Ryan Hancocks & Abhinav Sharda
Agency: Riff Raff Films
Client: Burberry
Director of Photography: Katelin Arizmendi
Production Design: Marco Puig
Creative Director: MEGAFORCE
Visual Effects: MPC
Animation: MPC
Costume Design: Burberry
Music Composer: Lank and Tank & Twenty Below Music
Sound Design: 750mph
Props Stylist: IB Kamara & Lucy Fewell
Short Synopsis: Burberry’s ’Festive’ campaign, follows Megaforce’s magical formula of larger than life grandeur grounded in the reality of human experience – in this case, friendship in the face of adversity.

Staying true to the Burberry spirit, the film follows an (impeccably dressed) quartet dance through the streets; each step taken choreographed by renown collective (LA) HORDE and creatively written and imagined by Megaforce through Riff Raff. The new campaign celebrates the brand’s history, as the dancers brave an ice storm, dressed in weatherproof clothing inspired by the founder, Thomas Burberry’s iconic collections.

The unpredictable British weather is exaggerated in an ice-rock scene, brought to life by MPC. The scene begins outside a Turkish grill, before the viewer is taken full throttle into a storm that sees the dancers interacting with the ice. The film concludes as our dancer runs joyfully into the sea, before falling back in ecstasy.
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