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Title of Piece: mother/land
Production Company: Radiance Pictures & Komnene
Director(s): Amaal Mustafa
Producer(s): Zoey Pressey
Client: Amaal Mustafa
Director of Photography: Amaal Mustafa
Editor: Olaf Woldan
Script: Amaal Mustafa
Music Composer: Ash Koosha
Sound Design: Steph Butchko
Short Synopsis: "mother/land" is a visual poem and dance piece that critiques and questions the problematic discourse between a first generation immigrant and their parents, specifically the mother, and the so-called motherland. Narrated by Ingrid Safranek alongside a volatile dance performed by Demetries Morrow and featuring music by Iranian-born DJ Ash Koosha, the project channels and taps into an intersection of stateless antipathy, a letter once forgotten and the rejection of an unwanted home as it builds towards an abattoir of cinematic decomposition -- yet with what seems like hope.
Extra Credit 1: Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli
Extra Credit 2: Executive Producer: Nuer Taqa
Extra Credit 3: Choreography: Demetries Morrow
Extra Credit 4: Translation: Jesús Muñiz
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