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Yooha - Your yool
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Yooha - Your yool - Your yool


Title of Piece: Yooha
Brand: Your yool
Production Company: Your yool
Director(s): Tatiana Chernoguzova
Agency: Your yool
Client: Tatiana Chernoguzova
Director of Photography: Vadim Kruchkov
Editor: Tanya Chernoguzova
Creative Director: Tanya Chernoguzova
Script: Tatiana Chernoguzova
Copywriter: Tanya Chernoguzova
Costume Design: Tanya Chernoguzova
Music Composer: Holofonote, Zakary Tuktarov, Acid Minerale
Sound Design: Ilya Ermekeew
Short Synopsis: The fashion film is based on the tatar folklore myths and the Gabdulla Tukay’s “Su Anasy” fairy tale.

The number of Tatars in the world is estimated at about 8 million.

In connection with globalization, small peoples face the problem of the disappearance of national identity and the threat of loss of cultural diversity.

Fashion is a part of culture, which means that everything that happens in it now, in the future, is the same cultural heritage as the ancient national costumes of different peoples.

There is no future without the past. Keep traditions.
Find your own path.


The fashion film is part of a project to popularize the national Tatar fashion
Your yool* project — visual research about national Tatar fashion.
We speak the language of designers, stylists and painters.

*«Yool» in Tatar language means «road», «way».

made in Russia Republic of Tatarstan, 2021
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