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Mantis - - Redwood Team

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Title of Piece: Mantis
Production Company: Redwood Team
Director(s): Albert Grabuleda
Producer(s): Raquel Vidal
Director of Photography: Ivan V. Jiménez
Editor: Albert Grabuleda
Script: Albert Grabuleda
Music Composer: Luís Fernández Bañuelos
Sound Design: Dani Trujillo
Short Synopsis: Deceitfully playing with stereotypes, Mantis questions whether identity is something imposed on us or something to be uncovered. The short film follows a young woman of Asian descent fulfilling the expectation of Western society. Slowly, she begins to question whether her actions are simply the result of how she has been conditioned to think and whether ultimately after so many years this has effectively become her identity. Challenging how truly comfortable we feel in our skin, Mantis cleverly poses the question of who’s in charge of (de)constructing our identity.
Extra Credit 1: Key Cast: Tinna Jinn
Extra Credit 2: Art Director: Blai Carriet
Extra Credit 3: Makeup and hair stylist: Sandra Martín
Extra Credit 4: Stylist: Jasmina Bassoles
Extra Credit 5: Sound: Joaquin Rodado
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