Sting Like a Bee - C41 - JPEG
Sting Like a Bee - C41 - JPEG
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Sting Like a Bee

Sting Like a Bee - - C41

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Title of Piece: Sting Like a Bee
Production Company: C41
Director(s): Leone
Producer(s): Alice Chauvain
Director of Photography: Giuseppe Favale
Editor: Vittoria E. S.
Creative Director: Leone
Script: Nico Carrassi
Copywriter: Nico Carrassi
Animation: Antonio Cottone
Music Composer: Ze in the Clouds
Sound Design: Guido Smider
Short Synopsis: A modern take on traditional courting, Sting Like a Bee is a musical journey in collaboration with jazz pianist Ze in the Clouds. The short film takes us on a quest in search of love through the streets of the Italian southern town of Vasto. As we follow the adventures of protagonist Nicola Antonini and his friends, we soon learn of the romantic dynamics and interactions that evoke the all too familiar summer days of adolescence.

Sting Like a Bee is a tribute to one of Italy’s most iconic vehicles, the Piaggio Ape. Translating as “bee”, director Leone Balduzzi draws parallels between the restless bees in search of the sweetest flower and Nicola buzzing around in the hope of catching the attention of Matilde Talia - the prettiest girl in town.
Extra Credit 1: Art Directors: Isabella Petricca
Extra Credit 2: Stylist: Aurora Zaltieri
Extra Credit 3: Colorist: Daniel Pallucca
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