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LOUBI AIRWAYS - Christian Louboutin
Heavy TV -

LOUBI AIRWAYS - Christian Louboutin - Heavy TV -


Title of Piece: LOUBI AIRWAYS
Brand: Christian Louboutin
Production Company: Heavy TV -
Director(s): Victor Bastidas
Producer(s): Robert Smyth
Client: Christian Louboutin
Director of Photography: Kevin Hayden
Production Design: Aurelie Taillefer
Editor: Adam White
Visual Effects: Andres Aldana
Music Composer: Corinne / Il fait chaud
Sound Design: David PĂ©rez-MacCollum
Short Synopsis: You're in the airport lounge and the speaker's announcement tells you it's time to board. When you collect your belongings you realize that someone reads the newspaper, leaves it as if everything was happening in slow motion; You see the coolest pilot you've ever seen, in a red uniform! This pilot is the one from your flight and has chosen to fly with Loubi Airways.

When she leaves the Ambassador lounge of the TWA Terminal, you follow her, her presence makes you not want to take your eyes off her, and when she arrives to meet the cabin crew, it happens again: Everything seems to be happening in slow motion.
You see that the cabin crew and the pilot meet and it makes you wish that the flight you are about to board never ends. They walk together to the most enjoyable security checkpoint you have ever seen and you follow them as they pass and move towards the plane, now you can't wait to get on board to see them again.

Loubi Airways is the story of everyone's dream flight! And the fun things we experience when we travel.

Hope you enjoy it.
Extra Credit 1: Post Producer: Denisse Navia @ELMARISCO
Extra Credit 2: Makeup: Frankie Boyd
Extra Credit 3: AD: Steve Valle
Extra Credit 4: Stylist: Sarah Gore Reeves
Extra Credit 5: Hair: David Von Cannon
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