Equinox - Independent / n/a - JPG
Equinox - Independent / n/a - JPG
Equinox - Independent / n/a - VIMEO 2m:43s

Independent / n/a

Equinox - - Independent / n/a


Title of Piece: Equinox
Production Company: Independent / n/a
Director(s): Jonah Haber
Producer(s): Sahil Mirchandani
Director of Photography: Julian Lomaga
Editor: Michael Barker
Animation: Trish Roque
Music Composer: Voga
Sound Design: Harry Knazan and Leo Hicks
Short Synopsis: *No VFX were done for this video. All animations were created practically with projection mapping*

Equinox is inspired by the concept of the two faces: the face you show the world and the face of who you truly are.
Extra Credit 1: Choreographer/Dancer - Susannah Haight
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