PERSONAL WORK (New Generation Award)

MP4 4m:22s

"To be an American" - Willy Chavarria/K-Swiss/Chris Habana
Monarch Workshop NY



Title of Piece: "To be an American"
Brand: Willy Chavarria/K-Swiss/Chris Habana
Production Company: Monarch Workshop NY
Client: Personal Work
Agency: Unsigned
Director(s) : Marco Castro
Business Region: 37036
Short Synopsis: "To be an American" is about the optimistic point of view of Jeffrey and Michael, two teenage Hispanic protagonists whose families migrated to the USA to provide a better future for them.
Runtime: 04:22
Release Date: 2020-06-23
Producer(s): Dimitrios Poppis
Director of Photography: Daniel Luis Ennab
Editor: Marco Castro
Costume Design: Willy Chavarria
Music Composer: Marian
Sound Design: Léo Rosenberg
Individual Credits: Marco Castro
Individual Credits: Dimitrios Poppis
Individual Credits: Willy Chavarria
Individual Credits: Chris Habana
Individual Credits: Jeffrey Mendoza
Individual Credits: Michael Pico
Individual Credits: Léo Rosenberg
Individual Credits: Daniel Luis Ennab
Individual Credits: Kraige Tobias
Notes for Judging: With the current political climate and as an immigrant artist, I believe it is essential to share these compelling stories. I feel much personally related to them. We are living in a country where we still deal with racial injustice and where Hispanic protagonists are not usually the drivers of their own lives and destiny.

The film's locations are Latin American communities in New York and photographed handheld as if a close family member shot it.

Thank you for your consideration.


Marco Castro
Statement: 37091