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You Know Where You Belong - Les Enfants & Boldly - VIMEO 1m:51s

You Know Where You Belong
Les Enfants & Boldly

You Know Where You Belong - - Les Enfants & Boldly

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Title of Piece: You Know Where You Belong
Production Company: Les Enfants & Boldly
Director(s) : David Findlay
Business Region: 37036
Short Synopsis: Acting as a mirror to human behaviour in all it’s mysterious beauty and specificity, ‘You Know Where You Belong’ celebrates the mind of the restless.
Runtime: 01:51
Release Date: 2019-10-30
Producer(s): Joaquin Cardoner, Mia Metz, Sultan Al-Saud
Director of Photography: Farhad Ghaderi
Editor: Alexander Farah
Production Design: Kathleen Loski
Costume Design: Nina Maidment
Music Composer: Sam Tudor
Creative Director: David Findlay
Sound Design: Mitchell Allen
Script: David Findlay
Copywriter: David Findlay
Notes for Judging: The inspiration behind creating this film was recently catching myself on a number of occasions jumping on a curb mimicking a skateboard move completely subconsciously while idle. This ignited in me a curiosity to explore the nature of these odd reflexes and subconscious behaviours athletes, of all calibers, engage in.

What excited me was that even though I focused on athletes, these notions of unconscious idiosyncrasies and quiet obsession completely transcend sports.


Recently shortlisted for the Next Director Award at the D&AD and Silver winner for New Director of the Year at the Shots Awards America 2020, David Findlay is a writer-director and Arts graduate of the University of British Columbia hailing from Quebec City, Canada.

His work focuses on the earnest examination of human behaviour and is known for seamlessly straddling the line between fiction and documentary through a highly cinematic lens.
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