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LIL' RED - Decade Los Angeles - D SMOKE YOUTUBE 3m:29s

Decade Los Angeles

LIL' RED - D SMOKE - Decade Los Angeles


Title of Piece: LIL' RED
Brand: D SMOKE
Production Company: Decade Los Angeles
Client: D Smoke
Agency: No Hype Media
Director(s) : Nicholas Sokoloff
Business Region: 36974
Short Synopsis: Lil Red is the exploration of gang exposure in black communities and the impact it has had on Rapper D Smoke, regardless of the fact that he has avoided being a member. It is a letter to his younger self, as well as a message to young African American kids across the Nation.
Runtime: 03:27
Release Date: 2019-12-23
Producer(s): AJ Martinez, Alec Goldberg, Matias Lettelier, Ryan Ward
Director of Photography: Sterling Adgate
Editor: Nicholas Sokoloff
Production Design: Kevin Maloof
Costume Design: Steph Amelie
Music Composer: D Smoke
Creative Director: Nicholas Sokoloff
Visual Effects: Nicholas Sokoloff
Sound Design: Nicholas Sokoloff
Script: D Smoke and Nicholas Sokoloff
Props Stylist: Kevin Maloof
Individual Credits: AE - Jon Graham
Individual Credits: PA + BTS - Anthony Canapini
Individual Credits: PA - Ross Tetrault
Individual Credits: Grip - Asher Strauch
Individual Credits: DIT - Spencer Hord
Individual Credits: First AC - Kyle Huemme
Individual Credits: STUDIO - Underground Studios, Glendale CA
Statement: 37029