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BILLY - Saltwater Films GmbH & Co.KG - Francisco Gonzalez Sendino MP4 6m:28s

BILLY - Francisco Gonzalez Sendino
Saltwater Films GmbH & Co.KG

BILLY - Francisco Gonzalez Sendino - Saltwater Films GmbH & Co.KG

Marbled Pick Two

Title of Piece: BILLY
Brand: Francisco Gonzalez Sendino
Production Company: Saltwater Films GmbH & Co.KG
Director(s): Francisco Gonzales Sendino
Short Synopsis: Some humans stand out like a solid rock in turbulent waters. One of them wears cowboy boots and goes by the name of Billy Ray.
But Billy doesn’t stand still. With a steady thrust he maneuvers the ocean of life. It’s hard to say where the push is coming from, but it seems to charge from a highly contagious energy that sits deep within.
It was this energy that once drove him from a small town in North Carolina into the vietnamese jungle, that brought him prosperity and eventually let him lose his freedom to a sentence in prison. Today it helps him to make the most of the second chance that life has served him with, while he is passing on his experiences to following generations. Because as Billy puts it: „How can you not be the best possible You, when you got that going on in your life?“
Runtime: 06:29
Producer(s): Daria Marie Küpker, Francisco Gonzales Sendino
Director of Photography: Jan David Gunther
Editor: David Gesslbauer
Sound Design: Uneon Sound
Animation: 1
Individual Credits: Color: Daniel de Vue