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Frekkel - Staatsloterij
Czar Amsterdam

Frekkel - Staatsloterij - Czar Amsterdam


Title of Piece: Frekkel
Brand: Staatsloterij
Production Company: Czar Amsterdam
Client: Staatsloterij
Director(s): Martin Werner
Short Synopsis: The story of a couple losing their dear dog, Frekkel, and what they would give up to find him. This is a beautiful and cinematic story - about love, misunderstanding, redemption - and what anyone will do to get their hands on a New Year's Staatsloterij Lottery ticket. All the ingredients are there for a funny, moving and unexpected film. Who are the heroes, who are the villains, and why do they do what they do? Sometimes the heroes become the villains, and vice versa. When Frekkel's owner says he will surround himself with beautiful things, of course he doesn't mean he will get rid of Frekkel, but Frekkel is insecure - he's quite aware he's not the best-looking dog - so he takes it personally and decides to run away.
Runtime: 01:52
Release Date: 2018-12-11
Producer(s): Willem Bos
Director of Photography: Glyyn Speeckaert
Editor: Rasmus Gitz-Johansen
Production Design: Bacon X
Music Composer: Jorrit Kleijnen
Sound Design: The Ambassadors