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La Mer - 3Tristesteasers - North Sails JPG
La Mer - 3Tristesteasers - North Sails JPG
La Mer - 3Tristesteasers - North Sails MP4 2m:12s

La Mer - North Sails

La Mer - North Sails - 3Tristesteasers


Title of Piece: La Mer
Brand: North Sails
Production Company: 3Tristesteasers
Client: North Sails
Agency: North Sails
Director(s): Victor Claramunt San Millán
Short Synopsis: We live in a society where we are not aware of the amount of plastic around us.

Four children, from 11 to 6 years old, in recognizable two-color environments, where the plastic that coexists naturally with us stands out, they will tell us what we are doing with our oceans ... with our planet.

From the world of fashion we must also make the audience aware that we should do everything in our power to change the course of history. Fashion as a social speaker. Kids as social speakers. We need all world attention.
Runtime: 02:15
Release Date: 2019-07-15
Producer(s): Victor Claramunt San Millán / José Trullenque
Director of Photography: Juli Carné
Editor: Victor Claramunt
Production Design: Rafa Jannone
Costume Design: Inés Roig Liverato
Music Composer: Kadir Demir
Creative Director: Victor Claramunt San Millán
Visual Effects: Eight4
Sound Design: Victor Claramunt / Carlos Riera
Script: Ingrid Gené / Victor Claramunt
Copywriter: Ingrid Gené
Props Stylist: Rafa Jannone
Animation: Eight4
Individual Credits: Talents : Aroa Renau / Samuel Walton / Lola Walton / Maria Tereski
Individual Credits: Colorist Julia Rosaetti
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