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Flavor That Lasts - Extra Gum

Flavor That Lasts - Extra Gum - BOLDLY

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Title of Piece: Flavor That Lasts
Client/Brand: Extra Gum
Production Company: BOLDLY
Director(s): John Larigakis
Producer(s): Angelica Stirpe
DoP: Bill Hawley
Production Design: Danielle Stott-Roy & Robin Nielsen
Editor: David McDonald
Copywriter: John Larigakis
Visual Effects: David McDonald
Colour Grading: Cameron McCutcheon
Costume Design: Liz Henderson
Instagram Tag: @larigakis @filmboldly
Sound Design: Eric Mosher
Short Synopsis: Two friends are skeptical of Extra's long-lasting gum. As they debate it, we see them physically age dramatically.
Extra Credit 1: Executive Producer: Sebastien Galina
Extra Credit 2: Executive Producer: Kristoff Duxbury
Extra Credit 3: Executive Producer: Shelby Manton
Extra Credit 4: Executive Producer: Geoff Manton
Extra Credit 5: Hair & Makeup: Pam Silvey
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