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Orange x Apple - Big Poductions - Orange JPG
Orange x Apple - Big Poductions - Orange MOV 1m:01s

Orange x Apple - Orange
Big Poductions

Orange x Apple - Orange - Big Poductions

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Title of Piece: Orange x Apple
Client/Brand: Orange
Production Company: Big Poductions
Director(s): Réalité
Producer(s): Raphael Carassin
Agency: Publicis Conseil
DoP: Pepe Gay de Liébana
Instagram Tag: @bigprodparis @welcometorealite
Short Synopsis: Designed by Publicis Conseil, the film directed by Réalité (Big Productions) immerses us in the usual hustle and bustle of a city center, where life goes on as usual without anyone paying attention to a multitude of gigantic objects moving through the streets. A giant cap walking through the square, a young person sliding with oversized roller skates, a donut the size of a bus shelter, or even a giant pacifier fallen on the ground. All of these objects are seen in grandeur by a young girl in an Orange store who enjoys zooming in on them with the iPhone 15 Pro Max's x5 telephoto lens and enlarges them in real life. With Orange Trade-In, which offers a great price on purchases, she'll be able to see "life in grandeur." A cinematic comedy with a unique visual narrative supported by dynamic direction that reflects the directors' signature style.
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