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Swandoo - Lab of Luck - Swandoo
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Swandoo - Lab of Luck - Swandoo - Kaiserschnitt Film

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Title of Piece: Swandoo - Lab of Luck
Client/Brand: Swandoo
Production Company: Kaiserschnitt Film
Director(s): Thomas Cervenca
Producer(s): Wendelin Amtmann, Yannick Stross
Agency: -
DoP: Matthias Helldoppler
Production Design: Marie-Therese Fritz
Editor: Gregor Lehrl
Copywriter: Daniel Kienpointner, David Hausbacher
Visual Effects: Kurt Malik
Colour Grading: Julien von Schultzendorff
Costume Design: Marie-Therese Fritz
Instagram Tag: @kaiserschnittfilm @swandoo @dirsten_kunst @matthiashelldoppler @gregorlehrl @marienirt @youngnick.mark @wendelin @kurtmalikvfx @julien_von_schultzendorff @nodwavestudio
Short Synopsis: What would a child seat look like that was developed purely by chance? What would the design process be like?
Our film takes the audience into an absurd, fictional Swandoo design lab. In this setting, employees are challenged to bizarre bets and games, the outcomes of which are supposed to determine the features and functions of the child seat. This premise serves as a humorous critique of the idea that extraordinary innovations only come about by chance. At the same time, it provides the stage to present this with absurd and funny characters.
The film ends with a twist that reveals that the success of Swandoo and their child seat is actually based on research and hard work. The audience is shown that real breakthroughs in product development are far from being about randomness & luck.
Extra Credit 1: Lead: Jeff Ricketts
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