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Field Trip

Crazy - - Field Trip


Title of Piece: Crazy
Production Company: Field Trip
Director(s): C Prinz
Producer(s): Eli Raskin, Nance Messineo
Client: Top Dawg Ent.
Short Synopsis: This film is an expansive metaphor embodying the hardships women go through in their ascension to power. It’s a piece that challenges the viewer to look at stigmatized imagery and asks them to see beyond their first impression–to see the female form not in moments of sexuality but instead in moments of truth, intensity and power; to see a woman wielding a gun; to see a woman express vivid, honest emotions. Throughout the film, we express the female-identifying experience through various visual metaphors–to see ourselves for what we all go through, what we survive through and what we transcend. The violence in this film not only is interwoven into the larger theme of giving permission to women to be allowed to experience the world the same way a man does, but, even more so, it plays a critical character. The gunshots fired in is film are symbolic acts, meaning that when Doechii kills the woman in the introduction of the film and is later revealed to be Doechii herself that she killed, we seal in the unifying message: we as women are all subject to the same experience and when you die, I die, and therefore we must stand together.
It’s a piece that empowers the exponential capacity of women in the 21st century, in every form of their being. Both myself and Doechii have worked extensively over the last 4 months developing the narrative of this film, intentionally and meticulously crafting each scene and frame to tell a story derived from both of our personal and shared experiences mirroring the character arc of her new album with TDE.
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