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Title of Piece: ALI
Production Company: Partizan
Director(s): Julien Soulier
Producer(s): Khalid Tahhar & Auguste Bas
Client: -
Director of Photography: Amandine Nolin & Julien Soulier
Editor: Julien Soulier
Colour Grading: Vincent Amor
Music Composer: Thad Kopec
Sound Design: Benzene
Instagram Tag: @juliensoulier @wearepartizan
Extra Credit 1: Starring : Ali Hamadou
Short Synopsis: On a beach in the South of France, the young Ali spins over a high bar. This modern-day acrobat introduces us to another form of gymnastics, the one of the street. An undisciplined discipline. Freestyle is to gymnastics what Breakdance is to dance. A culture where the body becomes an object to express itself. It is a way for Ali to break free from established rules and feel free.
Through Ali's portrait, the film director Julien Soulier wanted to show the emergence of a counter-culture but, above all, to film a youth that is moving against the flow. An escape through passion for the new generation.
Extra Credit 2: Voice Over : Théo Yossa
Extra Credit 3: Editor : Julien Soulier
Extra Credit 4: Sound : Corentin André
Extra Credit 5: Post-Production : Royal Post
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