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A Frame For Every Face - Ace & Tate

A Frame For Every Face - Ace & Tate - HALAL


Title of Piece: A Frame For Every Face
Brand: Ace & Tate
Production Company: HALAL
Director(s): Camille Boumans
Producer(s): Bo Polak, Job Sanders, Gijs Determeijer
Agency: HALAL Studios
Client: Ace & Tate
Instagram Tag: @camilleboumans @aceandtate
Short Synopsis: We use the glasses as the frame, as we hypnotically zoom into the eye of a person wearing a pair and continue to hypnotically pan through their eye to show a new person wearing a new frame. The inspiration for this is the youth — all their creative little films with the transitions, as you see a lot right now on social media. It was such a great idea to go from model to model, from scene to scene, and from world to world. We literally performed a deep dive into the iris of each character, emphasizing how unique each person is and how we all view the world differently. The campaign brings generations together. We also created a digital version of one of our models to embrace this digital world — giving the viewer something unexpected and breaking up the looping a bit while simultaneously embracing the concept of playing with the visual world.
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