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Local Bizzarro

Comet - - Local Bizzarro


Title of Piece: Comet
Production Company: Local Bizzarro
Director(s): Mattia Fiumani
Producer(s): Mattia Fiumani
Client: Local Bizzarro
Director of Photography: Mattia Fiumani
Editor: Mattia Fiumani
Script: Mattia Fiumani
Animation: Gabriele Ballerini
Costume Design: Diletta Accorroni
Music Composer: Pietro Baldoni
Sound Design: Andrea Gobbi
Props Stylist: Izabela Strzelczyk
Instagram Tag: @mattia_fiumani @local.bizzarro @czelczykowa @pietrobaldoni @alessioballerini @andreagobbi_music @magazzenosoundproject @dilettaaccorroni @gabriele.ballerini @raffaeleprimitivo
Extra Credit 1: Actress: Izabela Strzelczyk
Short Synopsis: After hearing that a comet is about to fall on her island, a young woman tries to save herself and the island by physically pushing it away from the comet trajectory. Unable to do so, she reaches inside and finds the help of an alter-ego, but even then she is faced with the cyclical issue of the human condition.
Extra Credit 2: Stylist: Diletta Accorroni
Extra Credit 3: Song (ending): Ursa Major and Minor
Extra Credit 4: Audio mix: Magazzeno Sound Project
Extra Credit 5: Title design: Raffaele Primitivo
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