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Let’s Schweppes - Bubbles Film - Schweppes JPG
Let’s Schweppes - Bubbles Film - Schweppes MP4 1m:00s

Let’s Schweppes - Schweppes
Bubbles Film

Let’s Schweppes - Schweppes - Bubbles Film

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Let’s Schweppes
Brand: Schweppes
Production Company: Bubbles Film
Director(s): Matthäus Bussmann
Producer(s): Barbara Kranz, Frank Hasselbach
Agency: GLÜCK Berlin
Client: Schweppes
Director of Photography: Jann Doeppert
Production Design: Nerijus Narmontas, Kotryna Balčiūnaitė
Editor: David Gesslbauer
Creative Director: Bastian Meneses von Arnim, Maja Cerning
Colour Grading: Manuel Portschy
Music Composer: Mitchell Yard, Rachel Tauwnaar
Instagram Tag: @sizzeramsterdam @matt_bussmann @bubblesfilm @glueck_berlin @davidgesslbauer
Extra Credit 1: Music Company: Sizzer
Short Synopsis: The soundtrack for this vibrant, dynamic film had to go beyond a commercial score sound — the task was to create a track with an identity of a full-length song. This edgy, premium pop track with an indie-electro hint unfolds in stages, simultaneously building an identifiable song structure and resonating with the different worlds in the film. The campaign is a rollercoaster of moods, styles, identities, and the soundtrack had to be on par: bright, recognizable, manic. Switching between the sounds of breathing, whispering, moaning, somewhat childlike rapping, and variations on the Schweppes’ famous sizzling onomatopoeia, the music is in constant dialogue with the film, complimenting the visuals while keeping its unique identity, like any proper pop hit should.
Extra Credit 2: Music Supervisor: Rachel Tauwnaar
Extra Credit 3: Executive Music Producer: Michiel Marsman
Extra Credit 4: Executive Music Supervisor: Sander van Maarschalkerweerd
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