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Playtime is over - Samsung
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Playtime is over - Samsung - MJZ London


Title of Piece: Playtime is over
Brand: Samsung
Production Company: MJZ London
Director(s): Matthijs Van Heijningen
Agency: BBH London
Client: Samsung
Short Synopsis: The newly launched console will deliver an enhanced gaming experience and performance to users through the integration of a GPU inspired by the PS5 and Xbox One. To showcase its new film, “playtime is over” technological assets, the Korean manufacturer wanted a film that would harness the graphic codes of the gaming world.

Set inside a retro-futuristic market, a woman makes her way through the dusty stalls where sellers offer her all sorts of antique and pixelated products before a strange rabbit draws her towards the black market, where a whole underground economy is hidden. Aliens, humanoids, and robots entertain themselves and take part in all kinds of illegal sales. But in this kind of place the tension can quickly rise…

The film is the result of a new collaboration with Director Matthijs Van Heijningen (The Forgotten Battle, PMU, Canal+). In collaboration with agency BBH London and production company, MJZ London, The Mill/Mikros MPC created a gallery of characters (Robot, Rabbit, Alien…) that immerses us in the electrifying world of video games.

The Rabbit is inspired by the character of Alice in Wonderland and links two distinct worlds, that of the old video games represented in the traditional market and that of the more recent games, illustrated by the underground market.

In the first world, we find distant references to Tetris or Pac-Man, especially in the pixelated fruits sold on the market. In the second one, we enter into more realistic and accomplished games, in which the anthropomorphic characters transport us into a virtual world. This parallel between the two worlds illustrates the strengths of Samsung’s Exynos 2200 mobile processor, which promises to deliver the same quality of gameplay on your phone as on a console.
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