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Odiar Frontal - Ignacio López & Duelo - VIMEO 2m:44s

Odiar Frontal
Ignacio López & Duelo

Odiar Frontal - - Ignacio López & Duelo


Title of Piece: Odiar Frontal
Production Company: Ignacio López & Duelo
Director(s): Duelo & Ignacio López
Agency: Helsinki Pro
Client: VVV Trippin´ You
Director of Photography: Borja Llorens
Editor: Jose Montolio
Creative Director: UnConjuro, Ignacio López & Duelo
Script: Ignacio López & Duelo
Visual Effects: Javi Polo, Alain Laza
Colour Grading: Mario Lorente
Costume Design: Carla Ruiz
Props Stylist: Carla Ruiz
Instagram Tag: @iuncismorfino @duelodueloduelo @borjallor @trippinyou.vvv
Extra Credit 1: Camera Assist: Pau Mira
Short Synopsis: Accelerated rhythms and hopeless lyrics are the breeding ground for the conception of the album "Ultraviolencia". An album in which the band from Madrid establishes itself in the Spanish underground scene with an image that goes beyond its lyrics.

The footage is directly related to the concept of the album. It seeks to reflect themes related to the loss of control over existence in the 21st century. Through the images, the aim is to materialise in a tangible way concepts such as suffering, violence or martyrdom from an aesthetic point of view.
Extra Credit 2: Gaffer: Olaya Jordan
Extra Credit 3: Spark: Mario Picola
Extra Credit 4: Foto Fija: Alejandro Gisbert
Extra Credit 5: MUA: Mayu Vargas, María Vidal
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