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Nine Dimensions Productions

Elements - - Nine Dimensions Productions

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Elements
Production Company: Nine Dimensions Productions
Director(s): Filip Fredrik Haglund
Producer(s): Jasmine Dhingra
Client: Schön! Magazine
Director of Photography: Chelsea May Jackson and Matt Riley
Creative Director: Jasmine Dhingra
Script: Filip Fredrik Haglund
Instagram Tag: @f.f.haglund #ninedimensionsproductions
Extra Credit 1: Fashion Designer - Beril Oktem, Nicole Zerbini Melo, Qiuyun Lee
Short Synopsis: Elements is an editorial looking at the designs of 3 of the most exciting up-and-coming fashion designers. The designs find its narrative dichotomy in the different elements as the human made constructions clashes with the indifference of nature.
Extra Credit 2: Models - Jenny, Krisly Rodriguez, Estelle Digridi
Extra Credit 3: MUA - Arianna Mendak
Extra Credit 4: PA - Flo Pawley
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