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New Friends
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New Friends - - soup.Filmproduktion GmbH

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Title of Piece: New Friends
Production Company: soup.Filmproduktion GmbH
Director(s): Laura Martinova
Producer(s): Johanna Schmidt
Client: -
Instagram Tag: @lauramartinova
Short Synopsis: After the end of her relationship, our protagonist finds herself in the middle of the capital, which has fallen asleep due to covid restrictions. She moves through her everyday life a little haphazardly, accompanied by her chaotic, diverse circle of friends, who couldn't be more different. And always at her side: Her grey Persian cat Eddy.
With a lot of passion and humour, Spanish fashion and advertising director Laura Martinova tells a typical story from real life. She takes the viewer by the hand to accompany the colourful everyday life of the young woman, visualized by Marco Schott. The film lives through its humorous characters, who advance the plot through their different interests and talents.

The experiences of the big city, small and big changes as well as surprises that occur, moments that life could write for each of us.
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