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Yahoo Boy

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Title of Piece: Yahoo Boy
Production Company: one.fiction
Director(s): Monde Gumede
Producer(s): Jada Thwala, Didi Exelby, Monde
Instagram Tag: @mondeliketheworld @ismangasefiction
Short Synopsis: Yahoo Boy is a tight-knit character study that unfolds over a weekend in the affluent suburb of Houghton and Yeoville, South Africa.

Ashe, son of ex-minister of Foreign affairs turned banished prince gets pulled into an internet scam for a quick thrill and some easy cash. his antics set him on a collision course with scorned Afrikaans farmers from beyond the border and big mike, a real scammer In with everything to lose. We’ll ride along on his never ending grift watching him hurt the people who care for him the most on his self-destructive but wildly magnetic spiral to the top.
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