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Matilda Cole - Again
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Matilda Cole - Again - - Sticker Studios

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Title of Piece: Matilda Cole - Again
Production Company: Sticker Studios
Director(s): Amy Becker-Burnett
Producer(s): Isabella Culver
Client: Matilda Cole
Director of Photography: Miguel Carmen
Production Design: Grace Becker Burn (Art Direction)
Editor: Scarlett Bovingdon
Colour Grading: Luke Morris (Electric Theater Collective)
Costume Design: Bella Dupee (Stylist)
Instagram Tag: Artist: @matildaacole Director: @amy_becker_b Production Company: @sticker_studios Producer: @isabellaculver_ Director of Photography: @miguelcarmenesdp Editorial Company: @whitehousepost Editor: @scarlett_bov Executive Producer: @abennetton Producer: @amandacjenkins #matildacole #whitehousepost
Extra Credit 1: Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Short Synopsis: ‘Again’ tells a lovesick story set in the 60’s about a young, insecure woman who shares a fading relationship with her significant other. She’s tired of them fighting all the time – then kissing and making up like nothing’s wrong. It’s about that all too familiar cycle of wanting someone so much that you let them hurt you again and again. The pain of not being loved at all is worse than being loved in the wrong way, which leads to tolerating behavior you shouldn’t need to.
Extra Credit 2: Executive Producer, Editorial: Annabel Bennet
Extra Credit 3: Producer, Editorial: Amanda Jenkins
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