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When The Clapping Stops

When The Clapping Stops - - Unsigned


Title of Piece: When The Clapping Stops
Production Company: Unsigned
Director(s): Cameron Perry
Producer(s): Sam Briggs, Tom Nangle, Mo Abdelkhalek
Director of Photography: Adric Watson
Production Design: Andrew Cowie
Editor: Cameron Perry
Script: Sam Briggs
Costume Design: Ruby Antonowicz-Benhan
Music Composer: James Wedlock
Sound Design: Dan Hibbert
Instagram Tag: @cameronperrydir
Short Synopsis: Matty - a young and dedicated care worker - meets his match when his agency assigns him to middle-aged firecracker and epilepsy sufferer, June. Despite struggling to access support from a sector stretched thin, Matty must also provide unpaid care for his terminally ill Grandfather. Soon, the emotional stress of balancing his personal and professional care duties begins to take its toll - abandonment and isolation causing dangerous cracks to appear.
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