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DU SANG DU SINGE - Czar - Music Video YOUTUBE 4m:56s

DU SANG DU SINGE - Music Video

DU SANG DU SINGE - Music Video - Czar

Official Selection

Title of Piece: DU SANG DU SINGE
Brand: Music Video
Production Company: Czar
Director(s): Alex ORMA
Producer(s): Eurydice Gysel
Agency: Czar
Client: La Jungle (band)
Director of Photography: Sander Vandenbroucke
Production Design: Spela Tusar
Editor: Jef Neefs
Visual Effects: Damien Mazurais
Costume Design: Olivia Francken
Music Composer: La Jungle
Sound Design: Gregory Caron
Instagram Tag: @alexorma @la_jungle_band @sandervandenbroucke @brandonlagaert #musicvideo #plague #choreography #belgium
Extra Credit 1: Anna Karenina Lambrechts (dancer)
Short Synopsis: New music video for La Jungle where the ‘dancing plague’ is taking hold of the residents of Brussels.
It all starts with a bad cough and turns into uncontrollable, zombie-like spasms.
Álex’ reference is the Black Death, a mysterious event in the 16th century. A virus causing
people to dance non-stop until they eventually died from a stroke or exhaustion. Much like
La Jungle’s track, the rhythm settles very quickly in the brain of the listener and brings them into this frantic state.
Extra Credit 2: Pieter Desmet (dancer)
Extra Credit 3: Tamara Gvozdenovic (dancer)
Extra Credit 4: Mike Sprogis (dancer)
Extra Credit 5: Freddy Tougaux (Anchorman)
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