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Stellar - Artworld - JPG
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Stellar - - Artworld


Title of Piece: Stellar
Production Company: Artworld
Director(s): Emma Tempest
Client: Nowness
Director of Photography: Thomas English
Editor: Antoine Bernardeau
Visual Effects: Cedric Pepin
Costume Design: Kieran Kilgallon
Music Composer: Gareth Young
Instagram Tag: @emstempest @antoine.bernardeau @cube_recording @thomas_english @pepin.lebref
Extra Credit 1: Talent: Ethan Samual Jacobs
Short Synopsis: A fabled astronomical event is retold in this tribute to human discovery. A film about souls: a sense of ourselves and who we become, lost and found, discovering and learning. Exploring who we are, where we belong in our world and what that means. The fight we have within ourselves, finding inner peace, we stand firm knowing who we are and where we belong, at one with the universe.
Extra Credit 2: Talent: Charlie Nayler
Extra Credit 3: Choregrapher: Anna Engerstrom
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