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Moderat - Fast Land
Le Berg

Moderat - Fast Land - - Le Berg


Title of Piece: Moderat - Fast Land
Production Company: Le Berg
Director(s): Ben Miethke
Producer(s): Yannick Fauth, Maëva Tenneroni, Olivier Muller
Client: Moderat
Director of Photography: Maximilian Pittner
Editor: Michael Weicker
Visual Effects: Felix Green, Harald Schaak, Denis Sokolowski, Lucius Fekonja
Costume Design: Natalia Wierzbicka
Props Stylist: Stefanie Grau
Instagram Tag: @benmiethke @lebergfilm
Extra Credit 1: Co-Production: Phantasm
Short Synopsis: The video tries to contemplate a state of humanness in a racing futurity. It balances between alienated and puristic human moments, between the macro and micro of what the human existence constitutes. It’s a reflection on on this advancing urgency that defines our reality which is triggered by progression and a seemingly ever increasing acceleration.
Extra Credit 2: Producer: Vera Mayskaya
Extra Credit 3: Post Producer: Samara Daioub
Extra Credit 4: Music Video Commissioner: Matthias Klein (c/o Magick)
Extra Credit 5: Casting: First Encounters
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