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Outlaw Runners - Distance

Outlaw Runners - Distance - Soldats

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Outlaw Runners
Brand: Distance
Production Company: Soldats
Director(s): Jules Renault
Producer(s): Pierre Cazenave-Kaufman & Charlotte Giral
Agency: BETC
Client: Distance
Director of Photography: Jules Renault
Editor: Jules Renault
Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras , Stephan Schwarz
Copywriter: Alexandre Girot
Visual Effects: Paul Laurent
Music Composer: GUM – Green United Music
Instagram Tag: @production @Soldats_films @betcparis @renaultjules @reupie_ @charlottegiral @stephan_schwarz @jenesuissurinstagram @julien_vergnito @naza_giral @paul_laurnt
Extra Credit 1: ART DIRECTOR : Julien Vergne and Alexandre Girod
Short Synopsis: On August 31st 2021, Paris speed limit falls from 50 to 30km/h.

To enforce this new law, speed camera were installed everywhere. The penalty for the speeding : a 135€ fine. But French always find a way to break the rules.
Distance, a high performance running store challenged professional athletes to get caught by the speed cameras. In addition to the social video, overexposed black-and-whites pictures in the form of speed camera images were displayed in an outdoor guerrilla campaign, on social media and in-store.

This campaign set the media on fire and the campaign earned 117 000 000 impressions and 105 press articles repressing 6 million euro in earned media. Being an outlaw runner became a trend with a large number of athletes sharing their attempts to trigger speed cameras on social media.
Extra Credit 2: LINE PRODUCER : Lina Maldonado
Extra Credit 3: HEAD OF POST-PRODUCER : Grégoire Giral
Extra Credit 4: CO-EDITOR & CRAFT : Paul Laurent
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